Christmas Beer Release

This week we are pulling out all the Christmas beers we have in stock for your pleasure.  Join us in celebrating this limited supply of belgian holiday beers.

New Arrivals (limited availability)

affligem_inlineAffligem Noel
For the season, Affligem offers you best wishes and this especially delicious Ale. Rich and dark like their Dubbel. Sumptuous and smooth like their Tripel.

Barbar Winter
Because the warrior needs to rest in winter as well, the Lefebvre Brewery has produced a winter Barbar Brassin.  High fermentation, Barbar winter Brassin is a brown ale containing Honey.  Darker version of the famous honey ale, slightly sweet, with hints of dried fruit in the finish. 

blaugies_lamoneuse_winterBlaugies La Moneuse 
A very festive and hardy holiday ‘saison’ home-made at Belgium’s smallest family brewery. Extra rich for the holiday season, at 8% alcohol by volume. Rated 8’s and 9’s (out of 10) by the authors of The Beers of Wallonia. As the label says, really just a richer version of La Moneuse, using a little caramelized malt and maybe more hops. The malt flavor of the Special is a little darker, roastier, and certainly sweeter, which must somehow distract attention a bit from the earthiness which is so notable in La Moneuse. 

degraal_specialeDe Graal Speciale
A brown beer rich in flavor with caramel, chocolate, cherry with a cinnamon/licorice spiciness. Not thick and sweet but with a nice full body and a smooth texture.


deliriumnoel Delirium Noel



deranke_perenoelDeRanke Pere Noel
A fantastic Christmas beer, but one that defies the universal custom of a stronger, spicier beer for the holiday season. At 7% alcohol by volume, this one is relatively lighter in alcohol than the Guldenberg, and does not pack the hop punch of the XX. It combines some of the best elements of those other two beers – with a fine balance of malt and hops, complex character, a refreshing dryness, and a gorgeous cellar aroma – but is distinguished by its festive copper color.

fantome_noelFantome Noel
A rich, dark-flavored beer with lots of deep-roasted chocolate malt, but still fairly dry, with a hint of sourness at the core. It is very spicy, with some winter spruce flavor in the bargain.  The wild yeast sourness also adds to its welcoming character. 

coudencarolusnoelGouden Carolus Noel





Kerstmutske “Christmas Cap Ale” is a rich, full-flavored, bottleconditioned holiday ale. It’s brewed from 100% malt, without the addition of any spices or brewing sugars.


geants_noelNoel des Geants 

The Brasserie des Géants, or Giant Brewery, is housed in a medieval castle in the town of Irch onwelz, in the French-speaking south of Belgium. The Géants Christmas beer is new for 2007, and it’s their best one yet. Rich and warming, and just a bit spicy (thanks to the delicate addition of a special aromatic herb from the region of the brewery), this festive ale has everything you want in a Belgian beer – but not the cheap sugary flavor that the more commercial breweries use to reel in a less sophisticated crowd.

petruswinterPetrus Christmas 
Caramel-red beer of high fermentation. This Christmas child of the Petrus family is only brewed throughout the month of November. Its soft aroma is the perfect start for cozy holiday season.


scaldisnoelScaldis Noel
“Perhaps the most ‘drinkable’ of the world’s … high gravity beers. Chewy but not syrupy. Full- flavored, but not cloyingly sweet.” 


st_bernardus_christmasSt. Bernardus Noel 
750ml & Draft
Brown color with nice head and lacing that stays to the finish. Slight sweet aroma with alcohol presence, hint of spices. The sweetness is most prominent in the initial sips with the alcohol (10%) warming but not overpowering. The spices becomes more evident near the finish. 


tsmisje_kerst-bottlet Smisjie Kerst 
Dark reddish brown in color with a light brownish head.  Aroma of chocolate, caramel and estery notes of cherry, raisins and warm apples.  A combination of fruitness and sourness. Notes of raisins, honey, and creamy malts lead to a warming finish.


330ml & Draft
Deep to orange blond abbey triple winterbeer which has been lagered for 8 months on different stonefruits. Tsjeeses was born out of a 5 year brew experience regarding x-mas beer without being capable of finding a suitable name up to now. With the name came a face, a caricature actually, that was drawn on the day Urbain, our brew master and master brewer, drank too many Tsjeeses’s. Every time he drinks one, he says “Tsjeeses, what a beer”. Therefore the name is more an expression of stupefaction than a curse. Their are many discussions around the pronounciation of “Tsjeeses”. Very close would be that you say “cheeses” or cheese in plural.


winterkoninkske_2008Winterkoninske – Bink Wnter King 
Winterkoninkske is brewed with juniper berries and a touch of lavender, but neither overwhelms the flavor of this splendid winter offering from Kerkom, a classic Belgian farmhouse brewery.  In fact, you may not even know they’re there, and you certainly won’t find this beer overspiced. You will find it a festive winter warmer, just sweet enough to excite the taste buds but not so cloying that it sticks to the roof of your mouth like so many entry-level Belgians.

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