Belgian Movie

Playing for the next week is a movie from belgium that I wanted to pass on if anyone was interested.

Dir. Bouli Lanners
Belgium/France 2008

Two loners share an absurdist journey through the surreal backwoods of Belgium in this eccentric, melancholy road movie. Yvan (writer/director Bouli Lanners) scrapes together a living importing vintage cars from the U.S. One day he returns to his ransacked house and discovers the culprit, Elie (Fabrice Adde), cowering under the bed, too frightened to flee as Yvan waits him out with a pipe in hand. But something about Elie, an entirely hapless junkie, elicits a kind of grudging empathy in Yvan and before long the two set off in a vintage Chevrolet Eldorado through the back roads of Southern Belgium towards Elie’s parents’ house near the French border. As they make their way through trying circumstances and bizarre encounters—including brushes with a delusional nudist RV enthusiast and a collector of classic cars culled from fatal crashes—it becomes clear that something from his past is driving Yvan’s halting attempts to help his new friend. The weather-beaten faces of Lanners and Adde exude a world-weariness that contrasts sweetly with the film’s exquisitely dry humor. The deadpan laughs soften the pessimism of a wistful story of two lost souls unsure of how to make their way through a seemingly apathetic world.

For more information on Eldorado, visit,59&pageid=1100

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