Rare Find April 1st.

No its no trick.  Some new and exciting beers are on draft this week.  Adriaen Brouwer, Al-iksir, and Gouden Carolus Easter. Take a look at the lineup:


Brewery: Birreria Le Baladin
Format Availablity: ON TAP
ABV: 10%
Country: Italy

Tasting Notes:
The Al-iksir is characterized in Italy as a “demi-sec” beer. To write this beer off as a standard Belgian Strong Ale would be a mistake. It’s depth, complexity, and uniqueness stems from the masterful hand of brewer Teo Musso and his use of whiskey yeasts, from the island of Islay, for the primary fermentation. These yeasts conduct a rigorous fermentation lending a striking dryness and lively effervescence to the final beer.

The beer pours with a thick head. The complex nose showcases almond and tropical fruit sentiments. As the intense scrubbing bubble hits the tongue malty flavors and aromas of baking spices spread through the mouth. It’s finish is dry and very warming from the high alcohol.

Al-iksir is 10% alcohol by volume and is only produced during the summer and winter solstices and the spring and autumn equinoxes.

Adriaen Brouwer

Brewery: Brewery Roman
Format Availablity: ON TAP
ABV: 8.5%
Country: Belgium

The Adriaen Brouwer Dark Gold Ale is a true authentic double brown ale, brewed in the tradition of the Oudenaarde region in the Flemish Ardennes. One of the most picturesque regions of Flanders. The centuries old brewing tradition combines wonderfully with authentic yeast strings and top notch ingredients. This is the beer the world famous Flemish painter Adriaen Brouwer, born in Oudenaarde in 1605, used to love so much. Actually too much, since he died way too early on a constant overdose of ale, sex and too much partying. He was born with a natural talent for color and drawing, he was the epicurean by excellence, spending all his money the moment he got it on the good things in life. The yearly beer festival in Oudenaarde is named after him.

Gouden Carolus Easter (Seasonal)

Brewery: Brewery Het Anker (Gouden Carolus)
Format Availablity: ON TAP
ABV: 10%
Country: Belgium

Dark special beer that is brewed each year during the easter period. It contains several types of malt and during brewing 3 herbs are added.

It’s ruby-red colour, it’s high alcohol concentration of 10 %, it’s full and balanced taste make this beer into a source of vitality and strength which will appeal to the demanding beer taster.

This pleasant dark special beer is chosen for he who loves a richer, somewhat spicy and refreshing beer.

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