2-16-2011 A Tribute to B United’s Bulk Container Project

Maybe it is time to “finally” become serious about our environment (When will we stop throwing things away? Are one-way kegs made out of plastic, aluminum or stainless steel the only ideas we have?), about keg quality (cleanliness, stability, pressure, proper hardware functioning), and the incredible amount of flavour and aroma complexity in artisanal beer [from abroad] . Can all these three objectives be achieved at the same time or are they inherently in conflict with each other as conventional wisdom suggests? We believe there to be an alternative way of doing it … allowing us to pursue all three objectives simultaneously.

Come join La Trappe Cafe with B United and Lime Ventures for a tribute to The Bulk Container System they have invested in to bring us fresh imported kegged beers.  We will have 6 brews on tap from the bulk container system with a shortened food menu as well.





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