03-26-2011 – Earthquake Relief through Kiuchi Brewery

We would like to commend the Kiuchi brewery for stopping production of their wonderful brews in order to bottle water for the many who are without after this terrible tragedy.  They have opened their kitchen to feed the hungry as well.    La Trappe Cafe extends this effort by donating the proceeds from every purchase of Hitachino beer at La Trappe Cafe until supplies run out and we will be accepting donations on behalf of the Kiuchi  Brewery and B United International.

Hitachino White is on Draft tonight with all proceeds going straight to Kiuchi Brewery!

We would like to thank everyone for their support!

All donations will be sent to the Hitachino Relief account set up by B United International in order to ensure that all donations go directly to the Kiuchi brewery family so they may make use of these funds, without any red-tape, for their community.

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