November 16th – Coast to Coast Toast with Vanberg and Dewulf

A big birthday is coming up for Don and Wendy, the founders of Vanberg & DeWulf.  30 years of bringing Belgium’s finest beers to the U.S.

Don and Wendy have been an integral part of the Belgian beer community for a long time, and virtually created the market for Belgian beers in the U.S. What began as a hobby turned into a pioneering effort to educate the American population, and certainly provided a key component in the overall success of craft and artisan beers in this country.

To celebrate, they are doing a “Coast to Coast Toast” on November 16th and would love for you to get involved. They’ve started a blog to post updates with their thoughts and ideas as the November 16th date approaches with exciting updates and news regarding awards and accolades for their fine beers on the same page.

Already, over 100 of the country’s best Belgian-friendly bars, restos, and stores have signed on!

For more information go to: or

Don and Wendy will be toasting at 2am eastern time, so we will be toasting with them at 11pm pacific time with ten brews on tap and too many bottles to count from the VanBerg and DeWulf Portfolio.  Come and join us for a festive night with Beer lovers from all parts of the country to celebrate with Don and Wendy!

 Tuesday, November 16th
Restaurant will be open as usual at 6pm
10:00pm – All guests will be greeted with a draft brew for the toast!
11:00pm – We will make a toast to Don and Wendy for 30 years of work and dedication to the beer world with the rest of America.

Beer Offerings

On Tap:
Avec les bons Voeux
Cuvee des Trolls
Monk’s Stout
Posca Rustica
Peche Mele
Saison DuPont
Scaldis Noel

In Bottles
Avec le bon Voeux –  750ml
Biere de Miel – 750ml
Castelain –  330ml & 750ml
Cuvee des Trolls – 750ml
Foret – 375ml
Foret Blanche – 750ml
Hop Ruiter – 750ml
La Bière de BelŒil – 750ml
Peche Mele – 330ml
Saison DuPont – 375ml & 750ml
Scaldis – 275ml
Scaldis Prestige de Nuit – 750ml
Scaldis Noel – 275ml
Scaldis Noel Premiun – 750ml
Scaldis Refermentee – 750ml
Scaldis Triple – 750ml
St. Amand – 750ml

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