Bogedal #137 On Tap

No 137
Winter           Brew

  Bogedal is an atypical brewery in that it is Scandinavian’s only Free Fall Brewery.

The beer runs from cask to cask by help of
pulleys and level differentiation…without the use of pumps and the herb is cooked over an open fire.  Because of the delicate methods in use, Bogedal can produce a nearly clear  beer without filtration, thereby retaining many of the important flavors and aromas.

Bogedal was founded in 2004, and has an annual
productionof 24,000 – 750ml bottles
Each brew has a capacity of 680 bottles

The brews are never identical even when the same recipe is followed.  Low technology without temperature control tends to allow the beer to live its own life and develop naturally.

Each brew has it’s own batch number this is even if they are brewed using the same recipe.  For example, No. 101 and No. 125 are the same recipe.  However, each batch will be somewhat different in flavor and aroma profile due to Bogedal’s very unique brewing process.

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