Sunday April 29, 2012
1pm – 5pm or later

Slowhand BBQ will be rolling in the smoker packed
full of Dan Freng’s meat  creations
La Trappe Cafe will be pouring all  brews from Port Brewing and
Lost Abbey’s  Tomme Arthur.

Make sure to remember every last sunday of the month will be BBQ Sunday with a new brewery each month.

In the Smoker:
Baby Backs
Pulled Pork & Smoked Tri Tip
served w/ spicy red beans & cole slaw

On Draft:

Port Brewing  – All $5                                         
Midnight Sessions Lager
Mongo Double IPA
Old Viscosity
Shark Attack
Wipeout IPA
Hop 15
Hot Rocks

Lost Abbey – All $6
Gift of the Magi
Judgement Day
Lost and Found
Red Barn
Serpents Stout
Ten Commandments

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