Coast to Coast Toast 2 Tonight

Friday 11-16-2012 @ 9pm

Come and join us for a toast to Belgian beers and Vanberg and DeWulf Imports for The Coast to Coast Toast 2!
They will be toasting on the east coast at midnight and we will be holding up our glasses at 9pm to celebrate together.
For more information about The Coast to Coast Toast 2 refer to:

Beers on Tap for This Evenings Event

  • Avec le Bon Voeux – 8
  • Biere de Beloeil – 8
  • Biere de Miele – 8
  • Cuvee des Trolls -8
  • Foret – 8
  • Foret Blanche – 8
  • Monk’s Stout – 6
  • Posca Rustica – 6
  • Rader Pils – 6
  • Ertvelds Wit – 8
  • Gregorius Trappist Dark Triple – 12
  • Scaldis – 8
  • Scaldis Noel – 8
  • Scaldis Peche Mele – 8
  • Scaldis Triple – 8

You’re invited to the biggest, bubbliest Belgian Beer bash the nation’s ever seen… held at the most awesome array of specialty beer bars assembled for a single celebration.  We are one of them!  It’s called the Coast to Coast Toast™.

The C2CT2 takes place on 

Friday, November 16th
Coast to Coast Toast at 9pm Pacific Time.

We will be featuring 13 beers on tap and many more in bottles from legendary importers Vanberg & DeWulf.  Brews on Tap from $6 – $8

Do you prize Cuvee des Trolls, Saison Dupont, Posca Rustica, Biere du Miel, Scaldis, Peche Mel, Witkap, Vicaris Generaal, Hop Ruiter, Lambrucha,? By all means head over to La Trappe Cafe for a toast to Vanberg and DeWulf


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