Brouwerij Strubbe Steel Keg Arrivals

Due in on friday May 05, 2013


Special Strubbe Kegs Just Arrived in Steel Kegs

Dikke Mathile

This 15-year-old amber colored high fermentation beer has collected a nice piece of history. Originally brewed by order of a couple of Ostend beer lovers; it had to become a typical Ostend beer and therefore, Redgy Van Troost, a famous Ostend artist, was contacted for the label design. He created an atmospheric image of Ostend showing the casino building and the statue “The see” of sculptor Graer.

* 6% alcohol
* Amber through the use of Munich and amber malts.
* Hopped till 32 EBU with 50% hop of Poperinge and 50%  German Hallertau hop.
* The main fermentation at 22° Celsius is finished after
circa five days.
* Storage in bright beer tanks at -2° Celsius for 6 weeks

Vlas Kop
5.5 % alcohol vlaskop– smooth white beer

This beer wasn’t brewed with non-malted wheat like most white beers, but with 40 % non-malted barley and secondary fermentation in the bottle.
That is exactly why the label says ‘Gerstebier’ (~Barley beer); the secondary fermentation takes about 10 days in a heated room with a constant temperature of 22° C.

Keyte Dubbel Tripel

 Color: Reddish BrownKeyteDT
Type:  Belgian Style Tripel
Alcohol percentage:  9.2%
Brouwerij: Strubbe
Smooth refermented strong beer with a warm ruby glitter.
(, 2012).

Other Strubbe products in Bottles will be available including Strubbe’s Grand Cru and Pilsner.

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