BEER ADVOCATE ISSUE #76 – Respect Beer

Keeping Brewing Safe
by Aleszu Bajak

“Ladder and catwalks can be dangerous places in the brewhouse,too, Osborne says. The first time he fell, he was saved by a rock climbing harness because he’d installed harnesses instead of ladders to climb to the top of the tanks to dry hop. When asked about plastic kegs, Osborne said that he simply does not allow them to be used in the brewery.
Plastic kegs are rated well below stainless steel in terms of how much pressure they can hold. Traditional stainless steel kegs are rated up to 600 pounds per square-inch (psi), as opposed to plastic kegs, which typically cannot handle more than 90 psi. Some stainless steel kegs have burst disks, small notches cut into the bottom that will burst first to relieve pressure and keep the keg from exploding in a more dangerous way. Plastic kegs are generally single use and at $20, are a cheap alternative to $100 stainless steel kegs.
But the brewers that were using plastic kegs are phasing them out. especially the plastic kegs that are intended for multiple use. That was the kind of keg that killed Ben Harris at Red Hook Brewery.” – page 49

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This is one reason, out of many, we have not and will not accept Plastic Kegs!
We like our environment, don’t you?

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