Dear friends of the Chrismas Beer Festival, 

To heat up the fire a bit more: Our beer list is getting more and more refined. At the moment is says 157 times “OK” on our work list of 185. The rest of 28 beers contains quite are dubbed ‘almost OK’. Some of them are however really unsure of even OK, but “top secret”. (“code 14” on our list) 

Not too much beers that disapeared from the list: only Tsjeeses Port Barrel Aged (Struise Brouwers) on draught is worth mentioned, but we still have it bottled and the Bourbon Barrel version on draugt as well as bottled. Lots of new Mikkeller beers on the list. “Easy” to get a lot of your beers on the list if you age them in different liquor barrels.  Santa’s Little Helper & Fra-Til-Via are on the list in 4 different versions. Strikingly a lot of barrel aged beers on the list,  also by Belgian brewers themselves. Gulden Draak Brewmaster Edition, Melchior Bourbon & Monbazillac Barrel Aged, Bon Homme d’Hiver Oak Aged, Kleveretien Oak Aged (Het Nest), and of course “our” Kerstvuur 2012 Oak Aged by Pirlot for the 20th anniversary of our club O.B.E.R..

3 More odd beers out come from White Pony microbrewery, an Italian brewer who contracts his brews at ‘t Gaverhopke. 

See for yourself. The updated list is at 

Due to the succes of last year the Raffle and election Best Beer of the Festival will follow the same formula as last year. With your glass you get a ticket to vote for your favorite beer of the fest. The tickets go in a bucket and a week after the festival we pick ten winners and make them happy by sending a nice prize to their home.

The green tokens from last year will still be valid this year, and are not raised in price. Tokens are 1,70 EURO each or 6 for 10 EURO (reduction of 0,20EURO). If you buy a combined package at the fast desk you get a glass, booklet with tasting notes and 9 tokens for 20€ 30cent reduction) (please use correct change at the fast desk)

As per last year we’d like to know where you’re from and we want to reward our visitors coming from afar. You can stick a pin in your country on our world map and the first one from each country gets a free token. Last year the result on our map was 30 countries and 17 American States. Bear in mind: you have to show a pasport, driver’s licence or other proof concerning your homecountry. Members of Zythos, PINT, CAMRA or other EBCU associated organizations will get one token for free for the weekend, as it was the previous years.You can get your free tokan at info stand between the exclusive beers bar and the book shop.


Gunter Mertens 
chairman O.B.E.R. – 

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