February May Be Short but it’s Full of Beer

Belgian Beer Me Keep an eye on our growing events page as we will be adding more events and specials so all can enjoy. San Francisco is home to the SF Beer Week starting on Feb 7th and its Strong Beer Month here in the city all month.

February 7th: Stu Stewart will host a Belgian beer appreciation and education class starting at Noon

February 14th: Valentines Beer Dinner.  If you have come before you know how we go all out for these events.  This will be one evening we take reservation so you can rest assured you get a table on a Saturday Night in North Beach.

For more information on events check out our events page

Witkap Now Available on Tap

Witkap Singel StimuloCountry: Ninove, Belgium (Flanders)
Brewery: Brouwerij Slaghmuylder
Established: 1860
Style: Abbey Style Single
Next Up: Witkap Triple

Food Pairing: Mussels & Fries, Arugula Salad, or an Artisanal Cheese Plate

The Story Behind Witkap:
The Slaghmuylder Brewery is unique in more that a few respects. It is the only surviving brewery in a town of 12,000 people that less than a century ago had thirteen of them. The brewery boasts a functioning steam engine, Anheuser-Busch kegs (left behind after the American troops departed Ninove at the end of World War II), and makes the only beer brewed by a layman ever permitted to use the “Trappist” designation on the label. Read More

Rodenbach Grand Cru is On.

rodenbach1Just tapped the Rodenbach Grand Cru for all you sour lovers!